Four reasons why you may feel this way.

Doubt yourself!

Doubting yourself can implant negative thoughts about your relationship. Those thoughts can make you feel like no one will ever love you and that your partner is just going through the motions.


Being in a relationship with an accomplished person is hard. It can make you worry that your partner will leave you for someone more on their level. You may even find yourself thinking about past experiences and wondering if your partner didn’t like the way you acted.

Childhood trauma 

The trauma you experienced as a child doesn’t stop when you turn 18. It can continue dragging you down and making you feel bad about yourself. Childhood trauma may include sexual or emotional abuse and negative events like surviving a car accident or seeing a loved one pass away.


Your partner spends time away. “I’m not good enough for her” is a thought that can run through your head when your partner spends a lot of time away from you. Whether you live together or separately, the time you spend alone can make you worry that they have found someone new or no longer love you.

Be brave, dare to change!

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